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Tests and Quizzes

Meeting Test 8
Meeting Test 9

Tests and Quizzes
If you miss a meeting, you can still get an attendance point by completing the appropriate Quiz and handing it in to Chris Librandi. See the Attendance Policy for details. Submit your answers electronically using the form below. The answers get sent electronically directly to Chris.

Weekly meeting quizzes will also be posted here, with answer sheets, once the season starts.

Weekly Meeting Quiz Answer Sheet

If you need to miss a meeting, download or view the appropriate test from the list above, then use the following form to submit your answers electronically. Submissions received up through the Thursday one week after the missed meeting will be accepted.

Meeting Date:
Answer 1:
Answer 2:
Answer 3:
Answer 4:
Answer 5:
Answer 6:
Answer 7:
Answer 8:
Answer 9:
Answer 10:

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